TiO₂Mesh™ BRA + TiO₂Mesh™ BRA light – Innovative soft tissue reinforcement in breast surgery

TiO2Mesh™ BRA is a surgical mesh implant for the support, reinforcement and bridging of the body’s own soft tissue in reconstructive and medically indicated plastic-aesthetic breast surgery. TiO2Mesh™ BRA can be stretched in both directions and is perfectly aligned with the dynamics of human body tissue in terms of elasticity. The allogenic mesh implants TiO2Mesh™ BRA and TiO2Mesh™ BRA light are available in different sizes.

TiO2Mesh™ BRA and TiO2Mesh™ BRA light – mesh implants for the breast

The TiO2Mesh™ BRA and TiO2Mesh™ BRA light mesh implants are characterized by excellent biocompatibility. The pure titanium oxide coating enables optimal healing. The hydrophilic nature of the mesh material promotes the rapid attachment of soft tissue cells without triggering foreign body reactions. The mesh made from monofilament polypropylene fibers is particularly lightweight and offers high tensile strength with minimal mesh shrinkage. The structure of the TiO2Mesh™ BRA and TiO2Mesh™ BRA light mesh implants is optimized for biodynamic stress strain behavior. The large-pored material selection with a pore size of 2.8 mm and the laser-cut edges also enable optimum tissue integration.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Biocompatible
  • Titanium dioxide coating
  • Low weight: BRA 47 g/m² – BRA light 32 g/m²
  • Large pores – 2.8 mm

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