TiOCer – Anti Allergic Implant Coatings

Especially among the younger population an increase of contact allergies triggered by nickel, cobalt and chrome is observed. More and more reports about hypersensitivity reactions like eczema or wound healing disorders after the insertion of metallic implants are published.

TiOCer™ is a ceramic like titanium oxide coating, which reduces the leaching of metal ions – like cobalt or chrome – out of the implant surfaces.

The transfer from the sol-gel derived coating into a ceramic layer happens at temperatures that are not influencing the mechanical characteristics and shelf life of the implant material itself. TiOCer™ has an excellent adhesion strength due to a direct binding to the alloy surface of commonly used implants.

Currently, the TiOCer™ Coating is in use to improve the biocompatibility of the TiO2Mesh™ surgical mesh implants produced and distributed by BioCer Entwicklungs-GmbH, Germany.

BioCer TiOCer implants with coating
Implant samples with anti-bacterial and/or anti-allergic TiOCer™ - compared to a human femur (The presented materials are demonstrators only)
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