Surgical meshes from BioCer

We manufacture our surgical meshes in many different sizes and in two versions – normal and light. According to the surgeons’ requirements we also provide customized meshes in different sizes and shapes. Surgical meshes from BioCer satisfy with their biocompatibility and their special properties in terms of weight, pore size, coating and laser-cut edges. Our modern mesh implants enable the surgery of various hernias with an excellent ingrowth behavior. We also offer you a competent customer service, product trainings and appropriate marketing materials.

TiO2Mesh and TiO2Mesh light | BioCer

TiO₂Mesh™ / TiO₂Mesh™ light

TiO2Mesh BRA und TiO2Mesh BRA light | BioCer

TiO₂Mesh™ BRA / TiO₂Mesh™ BRA light

TiO2Mesh | BioCer

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