OsteoCer – Improved Bone Ingrowth by Ceramic Coating Technique

Upcoming demands in dentistry and endoprothetics request a direct ingrowth of implants to the bone.

OsteoCer™ coating system is designed for ceramic implant materials but also for all kinds of implant alloys that are commonly in orthopedic surgery. The implant surface is masked by the improved biocompatible titanium oxide, which is an advantage in many fields of medical applications. At the same time, incorporated incorporated calcium ions are released to achieve faster bone ingrowth.

Due to the direct chemical bonding to the surface, the adhesion strength of the OsteoCer™ coating is more than 100 N/mm2. The purely inorganic structure ensures the use of all sterilization methods known in medical technology and does not influence the mechanical characteristics or lower the shelf life of the implant material itself.

As an example, OsteoCer™ can be used in dentistry to coat zirconia or alumina tooth implants. The coating provides optimized ingrowth of the implant into the jaw. Combined to this the white surface looks more aesthetic than the grey titanium alloy surface of commonly used implants.

Besides this, OsteoCer™ enables full-ceramic acetabulum components. The elimination of the sandwich systems (titanium-polyethylen-ceramic) provides a higher range of motion for the patient.

The osteoconductive effect of OsteoCer™ had been proved as well within extensive in vitro studies as within an animal study with dogs.

OsteoCer tooth implant| BioCer
A zirconium dental implant with an osteoconductive (bone growth promoting) coating - OsteoCer™ from BioCer Entwicklungs-GmbH (The presented materials are demonstrators only)
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