HaemoCer™ Universal Applicator

HaemoCer™ Universal Applicator is designed to deliver the haemostatic HaemoCer™ powder in laparoscopic, ENT, spinal and other MIS procedures. It guarantees precise application of APH particles to the bleeding site where this is mandatory. The delivery instrument can be easily attached to the HaemoCer™ or HaemoCer™ PLUS bellows dispenser and enables hemostat delivery under direction to the wound site for the control of capillary, venous and arteriole bleeding.

BioCer Universal Applicator | BioCer
BioCer Universal Applicator | BioCer

The advantages at a glance

  • Application in minimally invasive surgical procedures
  • Longer applicator for deeper sourced bleeding
  • Innovative applicator tip features a design which minimizes risks of blockage in case of contact with moisture
  • One hand operated press-and-release locking system facilitating Universal Applicator tip placement without uncontrolled discharge
  • Highly flexible enabling precise tip placement and offering enhanced handling and maximizing wound coverage capability
  • Push-on coupling sheath offering simple and firm connection to HaemoCer™ or HaemoCer™ PLUS
HaemoCer PLUS | BioCer

HaemoCer™ PLUS

HaemoCer FlexApplicator | BioCer

HaemoCer™ Flex Applicator

HaemoCer Endoscopic Applicator | BioCer

HaemoCer™ Endoscopic Applicator

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