Excellent Quality

As a developer and manufacturer of medical products, we are always aware of our product stewardship.

To us, quality means to develop and to produce at a high level of security, thus living up to the requirements of both medical practitioners and patients.

Our quality management system ensures the implementation of our quality standards and is the basis of our daily work. Therefore, any organizational, commercial and technical occupations that affect quality are planned, controlled and monitored.

All of our products meet the requirements of the directive MDD 93/42/EWG and the standard EN ISO 13485, as well as additional international standards.



The Forum MedTech Pharma is a non-profit registered society forming a unique platform for business contacts and knowledge exchange. We successfully facilitate innovation and cooperation in the medical sector. Our thematic focus covers an extensive agenda on the latest trends in medical technology and pharma: biomaterials, diagnostics, clinical trials, minimal invasive medicine, health telematics and health care system in general. More information at: www.medtech-pharma.de