HaemoCer™ PLUS - Haemostasis ideal to nature

HaemoCer™ PLUS Absorbable Polysaccharide Haemostat (APH) is a proprietary patent pending technology created via BioCers Polysacchidaride Ultra-hydrophilic Resorbable Engineering (PURE) process.

HaemoCer™ PLUS APH incorporates a sophisticated, plant-based polymer crosslinking that creates ultra-hydrophilic, biocompatible particles. Upon contact with blood HaemoCer™ PLUS enhances the natural clotting cascade by rapidly dehydrating the blood and accelerating the concentration of platelets, red blood cells and coagulation proteins at the bleeding site. HaemoCer™ PLUS also on blood interaction rapidly produces a gelled matrix that adheres to and forms a mechanical barrier with the bleeding tissue.

Haemostasis ideal to nature - The innovative PURE™ Technology

HaemoCer™ PLUS contains no animal or human components and is rapidly resorbed and degraded by histaminases, including amylase and glucoamylase. HaemoCer™ PLUS is indicated for use in surgical procedures or injuries as an adjunct haemostat when control of bleeding from capillary, venous, or arteriolar vessels by pressure, ligature, and other conventional means is either ineffective or impractical. BioCers’ proprietary patent pending technology HaemoCer™ PLUS is CE marked and manufactured in Germany. HaemoCer™ PLUS is available in most international markets where CE mark is accepted.

natural - safe - effective - The advantages at a glance

HaemoCer™ PLUS APH exhibits all the key features required by surgical professionals, namely:


  • Plant based 
  • Contains no animal or human components
  • Normally complete resorption 


  • Rapid resorption minimizes risks of foreign body reaction and granuloma formation
  • Reduction of homologous transfusions and blood donations
  • Support and product trainings


  • compact packaging reducing storage volume
  • Rapid off-the-shelf deployment, no special storage or defrosting